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First day of my 30’s 

Yongin 용인시, Seoul   2020
Shot on: Leica SL, Voigtlander Nokton 1.2/35

It’s so funny, I’ve always heard that us creatives work best when we’re going through some strong emotional situation, I’m writing this as I’m clenching my jaw as tight as possible, why? I don’t know but I can totally picture the silent but deadly headache that’s slowly crawling up to my bed, maybe it’s all those years off bottling it up, all those challenges and things I didn’t or couldn’t let out beacuse of that fear to loose my shit.
It’s been a very long while since I had this much time to spend by myself, and I guess it all pilled up. Now, since it’s also my birthday, eveything has such a bittersweet taste, on one side the acomplishment of stepping into my 30’s with the woman I loveto the bone, a carrier that seems to be taking off and the dream of the life I always wanted actally happening; but as some of us know, there’s always this voice, the very primal human instinct that is always in a survival mode trying to screw with you, telling me what if, don’t do this, etc...
As I’m now laying my temporary bed, with a lost call from my family to my left, covered by soft white blankets and a crimson light  bathing all my room thanks to the thick red curtains that cover my window from the Korean winter sun and obviously, to my right on the bedside table, a mocha brown lizard skin Mamiya 645 1000s - the most amazing gift I’ve been given by anyone, kudos to my amazing babe Youjee, I fucking love you and miss you - close to my feet the warrior, the Leica SL who’s gone through hell with me - all the things that camera has seen and still will -  and mounted on a fourty year old tripod aluminum tripod,  rescued from the junk trays in Osawa camera the faithfull M7.  Every time I turn to my surroundings, everything is photography, from the things I post, the projects I’m organizing, what I discuss in online formus - God bless internet for keping me sane, if it weren’t for this computer I’d already be going crazy -, to the reason why I met my girl, everything in my life since I decided to stick to photography has been out of this world. All these are just thoughts rushing through my mind without being filtered, I want to have a proof for myslef that all this was real, beacuase in the end yes, we learn from our past, but the older it becomes the more it fades until it becomes as hazy that the memories stay in a ifle so in the back of our minds that they get full of dust and never come back. Many friend have told me to write, to leave a legacy of what I’ve lived, but to be honest, today on the 20th of December of the 2020 - ohhh fuck thats eerie, I didn’t notice the alignment - There are so many acomplishments by so many great people that make me think who am I to dare say I’m as great as they are? well, now that I stop to think, fuck that shit, I’ll write, because this is for me and whoever wants a little inspiration from someone elses life.
Personally I think the world is an amazing place, perhaps yes, it might be full of crap due to the way everything has been handled and the fucking pandemic - which honestly for me was kind of a blessing since it has been one of the best years of my life - world economy went to shits, health systems crashed and bla bla bla, yeah you’ll read about that everywhere. I don’t understand why I always feel the need to shoot, it’s like my way of understanding the world became so embeded to photography that in order to process what I’m going through I need to reproduce it with my lens. Some years ago I noticed that for some reason I lost many precious memories, from my childhood, teenage years and even some recent ones, - I’m so jealous when I hear people talking about how they remember this and that, I’ve even heard people saying they remember stuff from when they were babies! and I’m like WTF, how??? - I know I had an amazing childhood with loving parents and an amazing grandfather, Chavo which is short for Salvador, who I vaguely remember, the emotions are the only thing I cling on to. I remember how we used to live in a massive house, four floors plus the basement, with a front and back garden, surrounded by forests, yeah, heaven for a kid - I my partents specifing it was about 1800 m2 of construction, I still don’t get a grasp on how much that is but I know that for three people that place was massive - I was a kid and my room was on the third floor, but I remember going and sneaking into my grandfathers bedroom and lifting up his blanket.